At CenterPoint Energy, we ar​e fully committed to natural resources conservation. We do business with environmental responsibility, by encouraging and practicing:​

  • ​Pollution prevention ​

  • Material recycling

  • Work with government and other organizations

  • Development of tools to help our customers use energy efficiently

Our environmental policy​​

CenterPoint Energy is committed to ensuring safe, efficient and reliable energy delivery and providing highly valued customer services, while conducting its operations in an environmentally responsible manner.  To achieve this objective, CenterPoint Energy adheres to the following policy:​

  • CenterPoint Energy management, with the support and guidance of the Environmental Services Department and Environmental Officer, is responsible for ensuring environmental laws and regulations applicable to operations in their respective areas are communicated, understood and complied with by all employees.
  • CenterPoint Energy will strive to be a valued strategic partner in environmental matters, promote environmental stewardship, and  well-founded environmental laws and regulations.
  • CenterPoint Energy will plan, design, build, and operate its facilities in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Implementing this Environmental Policy as an integral part of CenterPoint Energy’s corporate culture, the company will better serve its employees, customers, communities and shareholders.​​

Climate change

Global climate change is a significant business issue, especially for energy companies. CenterPoint Energy recognizes a responsibility to address climate change in a reasoned and informed way.

What you can do

CenterPoint Energy can help you be more informed about consumption with the following resources to become more energy efficient.

Environmental awards 

At CenterPoint Energy, we strive to be a valued member of the communities we serve and to safeguard the environment while safely providing reliable, competitive energy services. 

Electric & magnetic fields

Electric and magnetic fields, sometimes referred to as "EMF," exist wherever there is a flow of electricity. ​Upon request, CenterPoint Energy will visit homes and businesses to measure magnetic field levels.